Diffractometry and crystallographic techniques play a major role both in industry and in scientific research in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, materials science and earth sciences.

In the need to have a forum for presentation, teaching and discussion of the works carried out in the field of diffraction and crystallography, the Mexican Society of Crystallography (SMCr) organizes The First International Meeting on Diffraction, the V Mexican Meeting on Diffraction (V -RND), and the VII Meeting of Light Synchrotron Users, where pre-meeting courses will be given in the areas of X-ray electrons, neutrons and photons diffraction, given by renowned professors. These courses will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 21 and 22, at the Cinvestav-Merida facilities.
In addition, there will be plenary lectures, invited conferences, and presentations of works in oral and poster formats. The commercial exhibition expects a wide participation of the commercial companies.


To foment the knowledge and use of the diffraction of X-rays, electrons, photons, neutrons and light in the study of materials.

Languages of the Meeting

The languages of the Meeting are English and Spanish. Oral presentations will be given in English (preferably) and in Spanish. In case of doing it in Spanish, transparencies must be in English. Poster will be presented in English. In case of doing it in Spanish, the poster must be written in English.