Crystallography is presenting an enormous development at present moment and new possibilities for scientific research and technological innovation are opened today.  Itís a very diverse field and basically interdisciplinary.  It concerns with any method for studying the way in which the crystalline arrangement of the condensed matter is exhibited at atomic level.   From theoretical calculations of electronic density until the atomic force microscopy.


The Mexican Society of Crystallography has the proposal of offering in its fourth National Congress a set of Plenary Lectures that illustrates the paragraph previously exposed.  Specifically, it has been prepared seven courses and three workshops that cover very interesting topics such as Small Angle X-ray Scattering, Electronic Density, Nanostructures, Nanodiffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy, Crystal Chemistry, Solid

State Chemistry of Metallic Oxides, including the traditionally offered courses of Introduction to Crystallography and Single Crystal Crystallography.


For this fourth edition of the Congress, the historical City of Morelia, Capital of the Michoacan de Ocampo State in Mexico, which temperature in November oscillates between 13 and 29 centigrade degrees has been chosen.  Also during this season of the year, monarch butterflies arrive to the very pleasant weather of Michoacan.


The Organising Committee wish you a very fruitful participation in this meeting hoping favouring collaborations between scientists, technologists and students in Mexico and from outside Mexico.



Mexican Society of Crystallography